Eduardo Torres Rodriguez
Eduardo Torres Rodriguez


Current Projects:

Metal Trader (LTD)

Metal Trader is a research project led by Ed Torres and Ivan Florentin, examining the feasibility and profitability of a cross-market arbitrage strategy involving physical gold. This academic research became a practical experiment, with the real-life implementation of a trading system executed by an investment vehicle specially designed for the purpose, yielding notable results, which have been documented in this paper.

Gold Trader Today

Gold Trader Today produces market analyses and commentary on economic events impacting precious metals and currency trading.

Economic Events Tracker

The Economic Events Tracker emerges from the Metal Trader project as a tool to identify economic events that have an impact on the behavior of currencies, precious metals and equity futures, and based on quantitative results of the events, estimate their impact on the market.

Past Projects

2020: Asset Management Systems Implementation
Client: Synarchys Corp.
Achievement: Developed and implemented comprehensive asset management systems, enhancing operational efficiency and asset tracking.
2019: Data-as-an-Asset Initiative
Client: Collective Data Trust
Achievement: Led the Data-as-an-Asset project, establishing frameworks for monetizing data assets and creating new revenue streams.
2018: Digital and Non-Tangible Asset Management System
Client: Collective Data Trust
Achievement: Designed and deployed a management system for digital and intangible assets, improving data governance and utilization.
2017: Board Member & Counsel Manager
Organization: Orlando Finance
Achievement: Provided strategic legal and financial counsel, contributing to corporate governance and strategic decision-making.
2016: Argentina Office Establishment
Client: Condo Developer LLC
Achievement: Successfully established and managed the Argentina office, overseeing all operational, legal, and financial aspects.
2015: Brazil Office Establishment
Client: Condo Developer LLC
Achievement: Spearheaded the setup and operationalization of the Brazilian office, ensuring compliance with local regulations.
2014: R&D Department Implementation
Client: Condo Developer LLC
Achievement: Implemented a robust R&D department, fostering innovation and enhancing product development capabilities.
2014: Anti-Money Laundering System
Client: South Metals Corp
Achievement: Developed and implemented an AML management system in compliance with USA law, strengthening regulatory adherence.
2013: Precious Metals Export Management Manual
Client: Platinum SA
Achievement: Authored a comprehensive export management manual, streamlining procedures for precious metals exportation.
2012: Responsible Gold Supply Chain System
Client: Platinum SA
Achievement: Designed a responsible gold supply chain management system, enhancing ethical sourcing and compliance.
2012: AML System for Precious Metals Trading
Client: Platinum SA
Achievement: Developed an AML system specifically for precious metals trading, improving compliance and risk management.
2011: Gold Reserves Commercial Operation Design
Client: Maxiplan LLC
Achievement: Designed a commercial operation for converting Central Bank of Paraguay’s dollar reserves into gold, enhancing asset diversification.
2011: Insurance System for Commercial Operations
Client: Maxiplan LLC
Achievement: Developed an insurance system based on Central Bank of Paraguay’s risk management standards, mitigating financial risks.
2010: AML System Design for Trust Companies
Achievement: Collaborated on designing an AML system for trust companies, strengthening regulatory compliance frameworks.
2010: AML System Design for Precious Metals Companies
Achievement: Assisted in creating an AML system for precious metals companies, enhancing anti-money laundering measures.
2010: Precious Metals Export and Legalization
Client: International Trader – REP
Achievement: Facilitated the legalization and export of precious metals, mining products, artworks, and antiques.
2009: Public Bond Issue System Design
Client: Consorcio Bio Combustibles del Sur
Achievement: Designed a public bond issue system backed by future products, facilitating innovative financing solutions.
2009: Agricultural Investment Project Development
Clients: San Carlos Livestock and Ishigaki Agricola
Achievement: Developed investment projects for agricultural sectors, boosting financial services and sector growth.
2009: Social Production System Design
Client: COPROSE, Sesame Growers Cooperative
Achievement: Created a social production system, enhancing cooperative productivity and sustainability.
2008: Biodiesel Raw Material Production Project
Client: Consorcio Bio Combustibles del Sur
Achievement: Implemented a social production project for biodiesel raw materials, promoting sustainable energy solutions.
2008: Public Issue of Shares System Design
Client: Consorcio Bio Combustibles del Sur
Achievement: Designed a system for public share issuance, linked to product supply, enhancing capital raising mechanisms.
2007: Microfinance Cooperative Mechanism
Client: FEPAME Paraguayan Federation of Micro Business
Achievement: Designed and implemented a microfinance cooperative mechanism, expanding financial access for small businesses.
2007: Foreign Trade Consultancy
Client: FEPAME Paraguayan Federation of Micro Business
Achievement: Provided consultancy for product exportation, enhancing international trade capabilities.
2007: Financial Insurance Security Mechanism Design
Client: Beconi Investment Group
Achievement: Created a security mechanism for financial insurance, improving risk management for investment products.
2006: Outsourced Tax Collection Department Design
Client: Estudio Beconi
Achievement: Designed and organized an outsourced tax collection department for the City of Asunción, improving tax collection efficiency.
2006: Waste Disposal Investment Project Development
Client: Organoeste SA
Achievement: Developed an investment project for waste disposal mechanisms, including legal, financial, and operational frameworks for the City of Asunción.

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